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Nice logo!


The first pic looks like a giant cigarette....

Nice logo though


Nice logo!
Simple fresh and modern.


It's Adobe's half finished A plus Google Drive's logo and a boring font.

Sorry guys, not a fan :(


I actually like the new branding... They (Autodesk) have gone through the most of the color palette already, seeing Blue + Green was only a matter of time.

But... Doesn't Autodesk have a competitor with those same colors?

... Just saying.


Can I buy autocad program ver. 2000 or 2002 from a registered owner and register the program in my name?




Do a google search for "logos with folds" this is not an original idea...


Overall it seems to me that Autodesk is going back to the original 80's "caliper + company name" concept, even the graphics and type has a lot of similarity. (unconscious nostalgia ...?)

The type is not designed for web. It has more of a early 20th century, bauhaus feeling. Adobe' Clean or Microsoft's Segoe (or even the recent Source Sans Pro from Google) could be good web-font examples. All render good in a browser, but this one is not.

The logomark seems like the result of a 15 minutes Photoshop tutorial, and has nothing to do with the web, cloud or mobile. Anyone tried to re-create it with CSS3 ? Hardly.

Blue/green colors are banal. Verbally you can explain in the brand manual (openness, nature, sustainability), but how those colors will work with alert boxes, or cancel buttons? Not very web fiendly.

Besides, you don't change logos every 4-5 years. If you have to, you leave it to professionals. In house projects are always poor political compromises. What can you do, when Carl Bass likes it ? Organisational authority always kills professional authority. Only independent professionals has a chance.

Finally, don't listen to "nice logo ..." remarks. Polite, but irrelevant.
Sorry. (Maybe in the next 4-5 years cycle.)

Carlos Galeano

Beautiful colors!! Blue and Green, like Bentley Systems!! ;)


Yes, another web company ... 90' design, but at least no redesign in the last 10-15 years.


BTW, any plans for a responsive autodesk.com?
Logo re-design is easy, being web friendly takes more time.


I sure hope that Autodesk spends this sort of time, and resources overhauling that *enhanced* online [not-much-]help system

Matthew Fisher

What a dumb logo Autodesk…

It reminds me of GAP trying to roll out a new logo a few years ago and they went with Gap (Helvetica)




In the Fold

Thanks for the responses. The new “A” is inspired by origami, a convergence of art & science, and speaks to the breadth of our products.

Stay tuned: you will learn more soon about what’s behind this new look.

Isa Zaytun

It is better to correct mistakes let! shape than me! and speed up the window...


Ciekawe trójwymiarowe logo. Łatwe do zapamiętania.


New LOGO !!


The change is noticeable. Too reasoning is not necessary to achieve a positive reaction in people, it's also ok to be intuitive.

PDF signature

Great post, probably one of the most well-written explanations of such an obscure topic. Thank you for cutting through and not making me have to spell this out through the code to figure all this out.


Excellant branding. Innovative and dynamic. I love Autodisk anyway.. every-way.

Private operating foundation

great post thanks for sharing good information i like this blog.


I think the new Revit Logo sucks...the A is not really bad but the R is not OK for me...just my 2 cents...Origami or not...we are shooting for paperless workflow so origami should not be on the table...:)

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